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There are two things most people universally would want. People want to save money and people want to feel safe and secure. When it comes to purchasing alarm monitoring services, questions arise about whether or not a person can both save money and acquire inexpensive monitoring.

Cheap alarm monitoring services may be able to deliver a reasonable amount of protection to those who are on a budget. No one should be under any presumptions that cheap services do not come with problems. Usually, there is a serious reason why costs end up being cut. Somewhere and somehow, something was cut in order to make the price cheaper than what alarm monitoring should be.

Getting Alarm Monitoring in Place

In fairness to budget-conscious consumers, not everyone has the funds available to pay for the most costly of alarm monitoring services. Regardless of the customer’s budget range, a monitoring service with limited quality may fall short of expectations. For this reason, alone, it may be a good idea to seriously examine a budget and figure out if spending a little extra is possible. Doing so may assist with getting the best alarm system in place without any worries or concerns. This would help address the risk of burglaries.

Those who do go with a cheaper service should be mindful that troubles may exist. By at least being aware of a few pitfalls, the homeowner can be able to address the limitations.

The Third Party Dilemma

When paying an alarm monitoring service, the customer understandably expects the company charging the monthly subscription fee to be doing the work. Shockingly, a great many of the cheap alarm monitoring services contract out the monitoring to third parties. This possibly means several different companies are actually using the same central monitoring servers.

The company, itself, may only be providing equipment and warranties. Is there anything inherently wrong with this? No, but there is something annoying about the fact the alarm monitoring service is not doing the actually promised monitoring. No disclosure is made that third parties are doing all the work.

Who is accountable for any mistakes or lack of quality service? Is the third party or would it be the monitoring service? Why even be bothered having to ask these questions?

A Quality Third Party

If the alarm monitoring service is being upfront about working with a “central station” designed to handle the outsourced tasks, there really shouldn’t be any complaints. The company has not performed a bait and switch nor has it tried to hide anything.

Focus, however, must not be on the quality of service the central station is able to provide. After all, the quality delivered by the central station contributes greatly to the safety of those relying on the alarm monitoring service.

The bottom lines of cheaper home alarm monitoring services are often arrived at by cutting corners. Shorter warranty terms on equipment would be among the most obvious ways a budget service cuts costs. A two-year warranty on equipment gets the company off the fiscal hook for replacements after a mere 24 months. A lifetime warranty would need to be offset by higher monthly charges or setup fees.

The warranty terms are not going to go unnoticed. How a company selects a central station, however, is not something customers see or think about. The troubling result here is the customer does not realize he/she may be signed on with a hidden and subpar shadow service.

Questionable Response Times

The purpose of a central station that handles monitoring is to respond when an alarm is tripped. Efficiency and expediency are two critically important components of any response service. What if the central station is handling a significant number of clients and is pitifully overstaffed? Such a combination could be outright disastrous if an emergency scenario arises.

An immediate response is critical when a security breach occurs. A situation could spiral out of control very rapidly, which is why any security monitoring work must be connected to a fast response. Seconds truly do count as the saying goes. An understaffed central hub may not be able to respond as necessary. This would be intolerable.

Long-Term Contract Woes

A great deal on a home monitoring service may be possible when signing a very long-term contract. If the contract locks the customer in for 36 months, is it really a great deal then? The answer is a somewhat ambiguous “It depends”. When the long-term contract comes with nothing other than a locked-in basic price, then the lengthy deal might not be worth it regardless of the discount provided.

For example, if there are no equipment upgrades during the entire term of the contract, this can be troubling. Equipment can get more than a little outdated relatively quickly. Being able to upgrade without having to pay any additional costs would be a nice plus. Getting stuck with the same equipment for a lengthy amount of time with no recourse for an upgrade is not the best situation.

Consider Investing More

Cheap home alarm monitoring services do present a tempting offer: homeowners can keep their residences safe without spending an enormous sum of money to do so. Ultimately, homeowners do not want to feel regret they may have saved some money but compromised the ability to keep a home and family safe. Rather than find oneself in this position, it would probably be best to spend a little extra to acquire reliable and efficient home alarm monitoring.