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When it concerns the protection of your home and family, you only want the best at your side. We have reviewed, researched, and ranked the best companies concerning home security solutions in the market to help you protect what matters in your life. Our teams of experts have always compared the important factors people seek in security systems for homes. We have also highlighted each security company’s solutions to provide a review of the most a prominent strengths in both.

Top 5 Home Security Systems

1. Frontpoint

Consultative Approach

Most customers using their products say the best of the company. When you call the company, there is no wait time as the agents are ready to listen to the complaints of their clients at any time. They spend all the time needed to cater for your special needs as a client. They don’t pose high-pressure sales tactics to their clients at any conversation with the company. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they give a plan that always satisfies your particular needs as a client.

No Hidden Fees

You will always get better benefit using the company’s products at the end. The company is also clear about their pricing at any point in time. You pay a specific amount for the equipment, a flat monthly payment, and a cancellation fee whenever you stop the service from continuity before the contract is over. Frontpoint doesn’t have any cancellation fee associated with their products.

Advanced technology

One of the coolest features with Frontpoint is the smash protection technology on their devices. Like many of the home-based security systems, if a burglar triggers any smash on the device the notification centers will be notified immediately. You will also get a notification on your phone.

Easy installation

The DIY installation system is often simple with Frontpoint. This is one of the most prominent features that customers love about this car. In this case, no one knows about making great benefits from those in needs.

2. ADT Pulse

For over 140 years of professional experience, ADT is one of the most synonymous security system companies in the United States. The company knows what exactly needs to be done to protect someone’s home. This is why people love the company. For all those years, the company has protected and refined the process to a finer statement. The company has over 6.4 million loyal users worldwide.

Top-notch security

In an emergency event, the big difference is made from the emergency events. Unfortunately, the response time is not a guarantee. It depends on the call volumes and the monitoring centers. The company has the capability to respond with an immediate effect depending on the factors mentioned above.

Guarantees Theft Protection

The alarm system gives you safety. The company also protects you even in the event when the alarm system goes off. You have $500 insurance if you lose the property.

Mover Package Guarantee

Moving your family to a new location is often unpredictable. The company makes it easy for you to move with the relocation discount guarantee. You will move without interrupting your security needs.

3. Gold Plan

Responsive Customer Service

With over six decades of professional experience in the industry, the company has impressed over 90 percent of their clients worldwide. The Better Business Bureau based in Dallas has given them an A+ accreditation. Because of their positive customer care service, the company has stayed ahead of the rest in the provision of extemporary services.

Takeover Program

Switching security systems can be expensive. This is because you need to purchase new security equipment. The takeover system allows you to use your old security equipment with the company. However, some restrictions apply to your system.

Excellent Monitoring Services.

In the case of emergency, you always depend on the monitoring systems provided by the company. According to the client reviews, the company has the most sophisticated platform that allows you develop intrinsic capabilities in protection against major intrusions. Moreover, they provide safety against fire and other dangers.

Quality package

The company offers 100 percent cellular monitoring for you to enjoy top-notch security systems. The smash and crash program is also taken care of by the company.

4. Protect America

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

All equipment can break at any time without an intrusion. However, you have no worry with protecting American because you have a lifetime guarantee of products with the company. As long as you are under their protection contract, you won’t have to replace your equipment you are also not needed to issue an installation fee with the company.

Low Up-Front Costs

While purchasing the equipment is relatively expensive, the company has a different way of production. If you are on a budget, you will find their products to suit your needs.

5. Vivint

With Vivint, you have the capability to secure a better home solution for your security needs. The company is integrated with advanced security features like the Amazon Echo, thermostat, light, lock, and the Nest integration to give you ultimate control over your home security.

Professional installation

Unlike other companies, Vivint requires professional installation. This is because their systems are high-tech. However, the company offers these services at no cost.

Flexible Pricing

While contracts are now a thing of the past, companies like Vivint offer a new way of pricing. You can also include a monthly service option along with the traditional contract plan. Depending on your security plans and features, you can pay a minimum of $550 for equipment purchase.